Newsletter – April 2015

CalWin and ACT Logimark are both suppliers to manufacturers of doors and windows. Both companies aim to be a leading supplier to this industry. CalWin and ACT Logimark will strengthen their cooperation in the future through specific projects and both companies stand ready to consider communications from anyone who wants to know more about the cooperation and the possibilities inherent in it. We serve clients throughout Scandinavia with expertise and professionalism.

About ACT Logimark AS and ACT LogiFlow

ACT Logimark included in the ACT Group got established in 1990 and is based in Jessheim. ACT Logimark supplier of machinery, equipment and solutions for marking, tracing and data collection. The solutions may include marking with ink jet printer, laser printer, label printer; – In plain text and / or barcodes. ACT Logimark also supply solutions based on the use of RFID technology and together with CalWin delivered common RFID solutions through communication between CalWin and ACT Logiflow.

ACT Logimark AS