Leader seminar at Radisson Blu Airport Hotell on Gardermoen

Is there more to streamline? We believe the answer is of course yes!

CalWin AS would like to invite you as a leader in your business to an interesting seminar at Radisson Blu Airport Hotel Gardermoen. During this day, we will show known and unknown CalWin functions that we believe will contribute to significant efficiency gains in their business. ACT will be on hand to show you innovative solutions related to the marking and tracing of products and components using barcodes and RFID!

Finally, we have invited Microsoft to show and talk about what today and tomorrow’s technology can provide us with exciting opportunities.

You cannot miss this!

Location: Radisson Blu Airport Hotell – Gardermoen
Date: 3. juni 2015
Time: kl 10:00 – kl 16:00

Microsoft ACT Logimark AS