Arild Husvær


Arild has worked at CalWin for more than 25 years. Before coming to CalWin, Arild worked as a production planner and IT manager at a window manufacturer. Arild has specialized in machine integrations and programming of fitting scripts and system scripts in CalWin. He is one of our most experienced consultants and has successfully completed several CalWin installations for customers. He works with customers in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Arild has extensive industry knowledge, which allows him to understand the customers' challenges and deliver good CalWin solutions that meet their needs. Arild is very reliable and always available for customers when they need him. He has a great interest in the industry and is a good sparring partner for customers when they need to make changes to their production processes. Arild is originally from Trøndelag but lives in Vestfossen. He also has a family property in Dønna, Nordland, which he uses as often as he can.