Fredrik Loftheim


Fredrik has been working as a senior developer at CalWin since 2000. In addition to being a highly skilled and experienced programmer proficient in many programming languages, Fredrik also has experience working with clients and has completed several CalWin installations. Fredrik primarily works with the CalWin configurator and has a unique understanding of its logic and functionality. He, along with Sindre, was responsible for upgrading the CalWin software from version 6 to 7, which was a significant and complex task. Additionally, Fredrik has developed a testing tool used to ensure the quality of changes in the software and CalWin database. Fredrik is creative and solution-oriented, functioning equally well as a consultant for clients and as a system developer. Due to this, Fredrik is highly sought after by CalWin's clients as he can solve many complex issues based on his in-depth knowledge of the CalWin configurator. In his free time, Fredrik enjoys music, hiking, and kayaking.