Marius Skaar


Marius has worked for more than 10 years at CalWin as a system developer. In addition to mastering several programming languages such as Delphi, PHP, Java, and SQL, Marius is an experienced operations consultant and is responsible for setting up servers and PC/networks at CalWin. Marius has worked in IT throughout his professional career. Among other things, Marius works on integrations between the CalWin program and external systems. He is also responsible for the current website in terms of structure and functionality. Marius is proficient in both WordPress and Joomla and has some experience in building websites. Marius is a mood lifter in the office and always cheerful and sociable. He is naturally curious and enjoys solving challenges. Marius is an active man in his free time and enjoys extreme sports. He is an avid climber and also does paragliding. Base jumping has been put on hold for the sake of his family. Like Javier, Marius is an enthusiastic hobby carpenter and spends a lot of his free time renovating and expanding his cabin in Norangsdalen.