Øystein Pilskog

Consultant manager

Øystein has worked at CalWin for more than 15 years as a consultant and has worked with a variety of clients in the Nordic countries and England. Øystein was recently promoted to Consultant Manager at CalWin. Øystein is the main consultant for several of our larger clients and has gained a broad expertise in the CalWin solution, including sales, production, logistics, multi-location, and much more. Øystein is known for solving complex problems in a good and efficient manner. He programs in SQL, PL/SQL, and Pascal/Delphi. Øystein is focused on structure and order and has initiated internal processes at CalWin to improve communication with our clients regarding open consultant cases. In addition to this, he is implementing a consultant wiki solution to make it easier for all CalWin consultants to access internal expertise and share knowledge effectively across the organization. Øystein has a high work capacity and remains calm and composed in all situations. He has a broad expertise in the CalWin solution and, along with this, is able to understand the client's processes to ensure a good end result for the clients. Øystein is above average interested in kayaking, and much of his free time is spent on this activity.