CalWin and Consignor

Through integration with Consignor, the dispatch module in CalWin now gives access to a large selection of carriers. The delivery and shipping routines are as before in CalWin, but in the background transport documents and labels are generated via Consignor. The same applies when the goods are picked up by the carrier. Instead of CalWin generating EDI messages, it is Consignor that ensures the correct format and data transfer to the carrier.

All transfer of data  takes place over the internett, and there is no need for locally installed software. Already configured carriers in CalWin will still function as before, but will not be maintained. In case of any requirements for labels, EDI messages or other carrier specific features you must switch to Consignor.

  • Seamless access to a large selection of carriers without the need for much setup and testing
  • Shipping and transport statistics via Consignor portal
  • Automatic transfer of shipping dates to carriers and validated  shipping labels
  • Arrange your own transport professionally with the Scan App. It allows for route planning, delivery scanning, live tracking, etc.


What does it take?

Some minor changes to the transport layout, and the sender must create a subscription agreement with Consignor.

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