CalWin was born in 1985 and since then it has been further developed, adapted and renewed in keeping with customers’ requirements and the ability to take into us new and advanced functions. There have not only been a range of new versions, but in the course of the years whole new generations of the system have been introduced, to keep it in the front rank of advanced solutions for the window and door industry.

We offer IT solutions for customers’ present needs and desires, and solutions that most customers have not yet identified a future need for. Therefore we are always a step ahead of express desires and requirements. Customers will always be able to find new functions and new facilities that make them more efficient and profitable. For almost 30 years, CalWin and CalWin AS have provided customers with a first class IT tool to make them more competitive.

It is vital for us to have open channels to its cusstomers. Only then can we know what customers want and need. And it is customers’ wishes and needs that decide CalWin’s development. So we ask our customers, we listen to them and we  prioritise customer wishes in our development work.

Every year, CalWin AS commits large resources to the development of CalWin. We invest heavily in adapting ourselves to new knowledge and new tools. We work with our customers, look out into the future with them and regularly develop new versions and generations for them. That was why we were established in 1985 – and that is why we have the same objective today.