About us

CalWin AS is the wood products industry's own IT company and is owned by leading firms in the industry in Norway. The company was established in 1985 to develop an IT solution for window and door manufacturers and today we are the leading supplier of IT systems to this industry in Norway and Sweden.

Used by companies all over Europe

Over the years the software has been expanded to contain functionality in all areas that are special for this industry and not catered for in general ERP systems. Today, CalWin proudly serves numerous companies across Scandinavia, the UK, and Lithuania, solidifying its reputation as the go-to solution for window and door manufacturers. We are located in Ă…lesund on the west coast of Norway. The major part of the work on our main product, the IT solution CalWin, also takes place here. CalWin AS is characterised first and foremost by its thorough knowledge of the industry. We have in-depth knowledge of windows and doors and are regarded as skilled and experienced advisers and consultation partners for manufacturers and other players in the industry.

CalWin UK Ltd

May 2024 CalWin AS acquired our partner in the UK, Logical Bridge! This strategic acquisition strengthen our presence in the UK market and help us provide even better IT solutions for door and window companies. With around 30 customers and a growing team, we see enormous opportunities ahead. Logical Bridge has been a fantastic partner selling our CalWin software and supporting our customers for many years. Now, we look forward to working even closer together to achieve our goals.

Worker pushing a wagon with materials used in window manufactoring.

CalWin in the Baltics

CalWin established a Lithuanian subsidiary and hired a local consultant in 2019 as a first step to increase the foothold in the Baltic region. We are the perfect partner for manufacturers in the Baltic region seraching for specialized software for the door and window industry.

Two workers carrying a window.

CalWin for door manufacturers

CalWin has in many years been a system for both door and window manufacturers. Door manufacturer Scanflex AS in Norway has been a customer for over 25 years! We also have multiple other customer manufacturing doors on the Scandinavian and UK market.

A display of different door types.