We are located in Ålesund on the west coast of Norway. The major part of the work on our main product, the IT solution CalWin, also takes place here.

Contact information

CalWin AS

Postvegen 17
6018 Ålesund

Phone: + 47 70 15 36 00

NO 937 199 090 MVA


Visiting address: Postvegen 17, 6018 Ålesund

CalWin AS is characterised first and foremost by its thorough knowledge of the industry. We have in-depth knowledge of windows and doors and are regarded as skilled and experienced advisers and consultation partners for manufacturers and other players in the industry.

Cooperation between CalWin AS and its customers is close and binding. Close because it is by being alongside our customers that we have expanded our knowledge of their wants and needs. Binding because CalWin must always cover customers’ needs – both those of today and those of tomorrow.

CalWin AS is the main supplier of IT solutions to window and door manufacturers. Calwin is the solution.