Even the best IT solution requires that those who work with it have knowledge, skills and experience if it is to become an efficient and profitable IT resource. CalWin is home to one of the best qualified and experienced specialist environments for window and door industry IT systems and the company has some of the best consultants, who are be able to provide customers with technical support that far exceeds usual norms.

For window and door manufacturers it is first and foremost about having access to comprehensive experience of windows and doors, how they are constructed and manufactured, and, not least, knowledge about the traditions and crafts that underlie modern window and door production.

Our consultants have a background in the wood products industry. They understand the products and processes in the manufacturing firms. They are also specialists in CalWin; therefore, they have a unique background for contributing to the very best combination of human and IT systems.

Our consultants work to maximize the exploitation of IT solutions. Through their comprehensive knowledge of the industry, they know how the solution can best be adapted to the firm’s needs and wishes. They are unique consultation partners and play a key role in ensuring that investment in IT solutions is profitable and efficient.

Our consultants provide training adapted to the user. For them it is important that individual employees not only know their “own” parts of the system, but that they also see the connection between their own work and that of others. This contributes to the daily use of the systems being optimally adjusted to user needs and desires and thus to the well-being of those who use the systems. In turn, this also leads to the protection of the firm’s requirement for profitability and efficiency.

Our consultants are valuable partners in the industry. They have personal experience of the problems, they understand the needs and they know how they can be solved. For precisely that reason, CalWins consultants are really special and they are the best partners for window and door manufacturers regarding IT solutions. And that’s why our IT consultants are in high demand, both as advisers and practitioners.