New extended functionality for handling 'Bars'


The handling of bars has been extended to include "rhombus-bars" and "cross-bars", as illustrated in the images above. These options are now applicable to both glass-dividing bars and grilles.

For rule-based positioning of bars, beyond the capabilities of "equal dividing" or "divide codes", a new system script event, "OnSetBarDividersPos" has also been introduced.

Additionally a new option called "bar-model" has been implemented. A "bar-model" represents a pre-defined combination of bars, allowing for a seamless integration of various bar types, "design codes" and "divide codes". This functionality streamlines the selection process for frequently used intricate bar combinations, eliminating the need for extensive manual operations, such as making different selections and clicking within squares. Moreover, this feature makes it possible to have price list additions to complex bar combinations.

This advanced functionality is also accessible through the Octaos webshop, ensuring a consistent and convenient experience across platforms.