Our visit to Westcoast Windows AB


Meeting our loyal customers in person is something we attach great importance to. This approach helps us create closer ties and provides a better foundation for progress and development for both us and our customers. On the one hand, we receive concrete feedback on areas we, as a supplier, can improve, and on the other hand, our customers gain first-hand information about new functions and possibilities in CalWin.

In this occasion we visited Westcoast Windows AB, which manufactures all its products in Trollhättan, Sweden. They produce window types with an exterior of aluminium and an interior of wood. Westcoast Windows is currently part of the Inwido Group.

The CalWin project at Westcoast Windows started in 2013, and CalWin was put into use the following year. For Westcoast Windows this was a challenging process in which they had to transition from an old to a new system. However, the employees did an impressive job, and today CalWin is a well-functioning system that streamlines many of the company's most important processes. In addition to CalWin contributing to a streamlined production of the company's quality products, an increasing large portion of sales takes place through the webshop (provided by Octaos), which is fully integrated with CalWin.

Westcoast Windows is not resting on their laurels! Throughout all these years, they have found it profitable to invest in the extended use of CalWin, and we continue to have ongoing conversations with them to discover new areas for improvement by utilizing CalWin even more effectively.

We look forward to continued fruitful cooperation.

(On the picture from left to right, Håkan Torsson, Dennis Grönroos, Fredrik Johansson)