Our visit to Orama i Lysekil AB


Some weeks ago we had the opportunity to visit Orama i Lysekil on the west coast of Sweden. Here we met Synnøve Hallberg and Robin Andersson who proudly showed us a modern, well-run factory. Orama has been using our CalWin software since 2014 to manage everything from sales to production and invoicing.

Orama is a family business founded by Arne Karlsson. After 5 years of development, they produced their first window in 1998 with unique characteristics based on a construction that can withstand rough weather conditions.

A heritage of knowledge, quality and tradition is what Orama wants to take care of, something you see reflected in the products they produce.

The Orama-window is an aluminium window with a composite profile on the innside.

We are very happy to have Orama as a customer, and we look forward to a continued long and good collaboration.