Our visit to 'Performance Doorsets Ltd' in Rochdale - UK


As a software company to the window- and door industry, our main focus has always been on developing innovative solutions that empower our clients and streamline their operations. We recently had the opportunity to visit one of our esteemed customers "PDS Performance Doorsets Ltd" and witness firsthand how our software is used.

Established in 2003 PDS Performance Doorsets Ltd specialize in the supply of door and associated joinery items to the UK construction Industry, where their products are widely specified.They manufacture a diverse range of door-related products, with the emphasis on Security and Fire-Rating and made to measure permutations.

At the core of our business philosophy lies the importance of building strong relationships with our clients. We believe this is very well taken care of through our collaboration with Logical Bridge, represented by Simon Mallinson and Colin Virtue. Two specialists who understand the industry like no one else, and with this knowledge deliver IT-solutions of very high quality, to window- and door manufacturers through the whole UK.

Our visit to PDS allowed us to strengthen the bond we have been cultivating over the years. We had open and meaningful conversations with their team members, gaining valuable insights into their needs and challenges. This interaction further solidified our commitment to providing them with the best possible solution and support.

One of the most rewarding aspects of our visit was gaining insight into the direct impact our software has had on our client's customer experience. By streamlining their internal processes, they were able to respond to customer inquiries faster, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. The automation capabilities reduced errors and ensured a higher level of accuracy in their operations, resulting in smoother transactions and increased efficiency.

While visiting PDS we recognized the value of collaboration in driving future developments. Engaging with their team members allowed us to explore potential enhancements and features that would further elevate their customer experience. By listening to their feedback and aligning their needs with our product road-map, we are committed to provide cutting-edge solutions that truly make a difference. We value our clients' partnership and will continue to work closely with them, leveraging their feedback to drive future improvements and propel their success.

At our core, we believe that the success of our client is our success. By visiting our customers and experiencing their journey firsthand, we gain a deeper understanding of their needs and aspirations, enabling us to deliver software solutions that exceed expectations.

Together with Simon and Colin from Logical Bridge, we look forward to continued good and long-term cooperation!