CalWin also for door manufacturers

CalWin has long been a system for both door and window manufacturers. Door manufacturer Scanflex AS has been a customer for allmost 25 years. In addition, we now have the Norwegian door manufacturer Nordic Door also. These installations have helped the development of the door functionality and give a real boost in the development of even more features that safeguards door manufacturer’s special needs.

Production of windows is complicated and requires software with functionality that you will not find in a general ERP system. This applies equally for door manufacturers needs in terms of software. These door customers have helped to strengthen the functionality of CalWin for this type of businesses.

With CalWin door manufacturers no longer have to compromise on an overall ERP system, and CalWin has again proven to be a complete industry ERP system for both door and window manufacturers!

CalWin have included the following features:

  • Handling of frame as a separate lineitem
  • More door lock choices
  • Handling of doors with glass area
  • Possibility of:
    • Kick plate
    • Mail slot
    • Peephole
  • Handling of estimates list and latching
  • Stroke direction handling, simple and flexible WEB – retail solution
  • Key information from CalWin directly on iPhone or iPad
  • Integration to Microsoft’s email and calendar solution (Outlook / Exchange)
  • Effective and easy-usable sales functions
  • Powerful and comprehensive functionality for managing manufacturing
  • Logistics functions such as purchasing and needs calculation
  • Commercial functions like billing and electronic invoicing