Sindre Barstad

Development manager

Sindre has worked for many years in CalWin and can be considered as "Mr. CalWin himself". He was involved in lifting CalWin from a DOS version to a Windows version in the early 2000s, and has since been responsible for much of the further development of the CalWin solution, along with the team of developers in the company. Sindre is proficient in a range of programming languages for both mobile, web, and back-end. In addition to a basic understanding of CalWin's structure and functionality, Sindre has a very good understanding of business processes and often assists our customers in solving complex issues, including integrations between CalWin and other solutions that customers use in their business. Sindre can best be described as a dedicated person who has the focus and patience to delve into the details of any problem. He uses his creativity to come up with good solutions for our customers. Those who know Sindre well know that he is reliable and shows respect for others' viewpoints and input. Besides work, Sindre is passionate about flying and spends much of his free time on it. He owns his own plane, which he actually built himself.