The production modules in CalWin support all areas within production planning, batch setup, control of machines, capacity utilization, and optimization and production control. The production modules contribute to manufacturing being more straightforward and dependable, with optional throughput time and minimal risk of production errors.

CalWin Production

CalWin Production is a powerful and flexible tool that enables functional planning and execution of all production in the firm. CalWin Production utilizes all data such as products, orders, raw materials etc. and other current information found in CalWin, and forms the basis for efficient and optimal production.

Every installation (all setups) can be adapted to various requirements and wishes and the production plan can be adapted in a very flexible way to existing staff levels and production equipment. CalWin Production utilizes and combines all current data quickly, efficiently and securely. This saves the manufacturer a significant amount of manual work. Shorter throughput time and better utilization of capacity can be achieved, and precision of delivery is improved.


  • Definition and setup of batch plans
  • Order lines will automatically be placed on the right batch based on the configuration
  • Can produce batch summaries, with a facility for starting, stopping, closing and finishing batches
  • Prints out reports and batch summaries
  • Transfers data to machine lines
  • Standard cutting lists saves a significant amount of manual work


  • You get quicker access to correct production information
  • Fewer production errors
  • Better utilization of the production machinery
  • Shorter throughput time in production
  • Better delivery precision

CalWin Capacity

CalWin Capacity gives full overview of the production and delivery capacity in the firm. Having this tool in place provides full control over capacity to the full. This increases earnings and achieves the shortest possible delivery time. CalWin can automatically calculate the first possible dispatch date based on, not only the capacity on all involved locations, but also lead times from external suppliers.


  • Define workload groups, work areas and staff plan
  • Define workload distribution
  • Define bottlenecks
  • Select production and delivery date from the capacity plan when setting up an order
  • Possible to get a suggestion for the first available production date. Delivery date and customer date can also be suggested on basis of settings on the carrier.

CalWin Checkpoint

CalWin Checkpoint enables you to check and follow up on production at an unlimited number of checkpoints in the factory. Basically, it is an online production system that can replace paper. Acknowledgement at the checkpoint may be done automatically using bar codes or RFID, or by PC-based manual registration at each checkpoint. An internal message can be passed from one checkpoint to the next, about current conditions that are important for production or for the product. Important messages to production can also be entered by operator at item line level.

With CalWin Checkpoint, you gain a rapid overview of the progress of production and it is easy to give precise answers to telephone enquiries, without having to involve other employees and without having to go through the production areas to locate the product or order in question. CalWin Checkpoint saves time, contributes to a better production overview and results in better service to customers.

CalWin Checkpoint is very flexible and can be adapted to the individual manufacturer, so that its utility value is optimized in each individual case.

Use of CalWin Checkpoint requires CalWin Production to be installed.


  • An optional number of checkpoints may be defined
  • Passing of checkpoints may be acknowledged using RFID, bar codes or manually
  • Oversight of all products/orders under production
  • Internal messaging between the checkpoints

CalWin Machine Link

CalWin Machine Link takes care of the transfer of all necessary production information to the company’s production machines.

CalWin contains all the data required to be able to produce any product that has been entered. These data can be processed, sorted and specially adapted for any production machine delivered by any recognized manufacturer or supplier. Modern production machines have their own advanced control systems that instruct and govern the machines. CalWin Machine Link is the connecting link that can communicate with all types of production machines for window and door production. CalWin Machine Link is flexible and support a broad range of formats and machinery.

Use of CalWin Machine Link requires CalWin Production to be installed and in use.

CalWin Machine Link may be extended with the Bar Optimization module.


  • Define and develop unlimited number of Machine Link projects
  • Execute Machine Link projects from production batches or specific orders. Optionally Machine Link projects may be run integrated with the machinery via CalWin Server
  • Flexible SQL based data/part retrieval and mapping to defined telegram
  • Script language for advanced data manipulation and calculation
  • File output to any defined location supported by the OS, or delivery as attachment in an e-mail
  • Output to multiple destinations and formats simultaneously
Supported output formats:
  • Homag
  • SCM
  • XML
  • Dbase
  • ASCII: Fixed length and delimited
  • INI-file
  • Access (97 and 2000)
  • Oracle tables

CalWin Optimization

CalWin Bar-Optimization provides for maximum utilization of length-based raw materials by optimizing cutting. CalWin Bar-Optimization does this planning of the cutting sequence of components to obtain a minimum possible waste. The module provides for offcuts of more than a certain length being marked and stored for future use. CalWin Bar-Optimization remembers these pieces next time and suggests them when they can be utilized efficiently.

CalWin Bar-Optimization reduces waste during production to the absolute minimum and thereby contributes to better financial outcomes!

To use CalWin Material Optimization the following CalWin modules must be installed and in use:
  • CalWin Production
  • CalWin Machine Link


  • Maximum utilization of bars
  • Minimal waste
  • Increased profitability
  • An extension to CalWin Machine Link with all its advanced facilities (see own data sheet)