CalWin Sales is a collection of functional modules that make CalWin a powerful and effective tool for making sales work more efficient. Customer service can be professionalized, and the percentage of hits can be increased, without using external systems.

Based on all the general CalWin functions, the built-in CRM facilities provide full support to the sales effort. Access is also provided here to all customer history, contacts, projects, quotes, orders, invoices, complaints, deviations etc. without having to resort to other systems. The customer service level improves and earnings increase.

CalWin Sales is fully integrated into CalWin, so all data are registered only once and are then available everywhere they are needed. CalWin makes other sales tools unnecessary. CalWin is all you need!

CalWin Basis

The CalWin Basis does not depend on the other modules and may be used completely on its own. All standard functions can be carried out in Basis, as can all tasks connected with quotes, order registration, all product work, prices and calculations. There is also full freedom to print out reports and create special reports.

As well as being an independent and fully usable module with rich functionality, Basis is the real brain in CalWin. This is where all parameters applying to the whole installation are entered.

CalWin Price List

CalWin Price List is a valuable supplement to the calculation function in CalWin. Several price lists may be built up in this module for different requirements, e.g. customers and groups of customers. Consequently, it can be operated using different prices for different markets and to different customers, without much manual work and follow up being required. There are no restrictions on the number of different price lists that can be set up.

The price lists may be linked to all types of products and are used by CalWin during entering the item lines, when quotes or orders are being registered. When the product in the item line corresponds to a price list product, the price is retrieved from the price list. For other products the price is drawn from the calculation.

CalWin Price List simplifies pricing, so it also makes the work involved in registering quotes and orders easier. Price setting takes place automatically and efficiently; simultaneously the pricing of new products can be evaluated and adapted individually using CalWin’s calculation function. At all times an overview is provided of the real margin on the product or the whole order.

In this way the firm’s earnings may be influenced continually through sure and effective management of list prices and flexible and tailored pricing for other products.


  • Define pricelist rules
  • Create an unlimited number of price lists
  • Calculate pricelists
  • Provides price list hits when item lines are being registered during the quote or order processes
  • Easy to change and adjust prices during price reviews
  • Current price additions for extra equipment and higher specifications may be retrieved from the price list in CalWin.

CalWin Round and Arched

With this module there are no restrictions on the geometric shapes of windows, doors and profiled recesses in doors that can be constructed using CalWin.

Regardless of whether products with round and arched shapes are self-produced, or whether these products are bought in from others, they can be registered in CalWin and thus go onto the relevant document with a drawing and specifications, like any other product.


  • Products with a positive radius
  • Products with a negative radius
  • Products with combined arches
  • Products with circular shapes
  • Handled by CalWin like all other products
  • Arched bars

CalWin Auto Report

Based on CalWin very mature and comprehensive reporting tools, takes CalWin Auto Report reporting a step further. CalWin Auto Report is a module for automatic generation and distribution of reports, which is as user-friendly and simple as it is powerful.

When CalWin Auto Report is configured it will generate and send selected reports at set intervals, via either email or SMS. Many such report packages can be defined so that sales managers can get daily sales reports, inventory managers can get weekly update on the status, and business management and directors can receive monthly reports on the company’s overall status.

CalWin Auto Report works as a background task in close cooperation with CalWin Server. Once setup is done, reports can be generated and sent regularly, and you do not have to think more about the service until one wishes to make changes.


  • Automatic distribution of existing and new CalWin reports
  • Freely elected recurrence pattern
  • Envoy by email or SMS
  • One or more reports pr. package
  • One or more recipients per. package

CalWin Additional Packages

Despite the fact that there may be good economics for all parties to choose products with better specs, it is in a cost-constrained market most inexpensive products which are offered and selected. As a supplier you can by using additional packages offer better product with better earnings for you, simply by highlighting this to the customer in the quotation, without additional work for the seller.

CalWin module “Extra package setup” is probably one of the most profitable modules. The price will be earned by getting sales. You sell better products, the customer pays more and will be more satisfied.

Using “Extra package setup”, you can on a printout be presented with what it costs extra with one or more alternative glass or aluminium cladding. Details of additional packages come with all deals specified what it costs to choose as better glass, aluminum cladding, etc. It is also possible to introduce what a glass provides of improvement in developing value if desired. The customer receives additional information directly on the quotation. With the focus as it is today on energy and comfort, many will undoubtedly upgrade its products.

If the user decides an additional package you can change with one-click to additional package variations and get updated price for all items on quotation which is set up to include additional package. When calculating the additional package price retained any special discount given on the last line.

CalWin Languages

CalWin can be delivered with various basic languages: Norwegian in Norway, Swedish in Sweden and English in English-speaking countries. All prompts and command line texts in screens, standard reports and system messages will be shown in the basic language.

With CalWin Languages all outgoing information from CalWin can be written in an optional language, so that customers in other countries receive quotes, order confirmations, invoices etc. in their own language.

This is because a facility is provided in CalWin to translate all relevant texts to as many languages as may be required, including product names and information, text in forms etc. (This translation work must be taken care of by the manufacturer.)

This module is necessary for all those who work with customers in other countries, and it makes it possible for all customers, regardless of which country they are from, to receive all documents from CalWin in their own language.


  • Facility to translate all texts about products and variants, so that the complete product description is multilingual
  • Decide which language is to be used for quotes, orders, purchases or invoices
  • Facility to translate reports, so that they are printed in the language stated on the quote/order header
  • A user can be associated with a language code, and thereby have product texts in his own language

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