CalWin Logistics is a package of effective CalWin modules that takes care of the logistics for all stock items in the firm. The modules may be used individually or in combination with one or more other CalWin modules. Consequently, logistic work may be adapted to exact and individual needs.

By using the modules in CalWin Logistics the whole flow of items to and from the factory, stores or sales outlet may be optimized. CalWin Logistics contributes to efficient stockholding, good oversight and lower storage costs. It is easy to maintain an overview of raw materials, semi-finished items and throughout production, stock item usage is drawn from the relevant production point, so that stock value can also be calculated at any time. When used in a consolidated and integrated solution planning, requirement calculations, purchases and stocks can be handled efficiently and securely. Through its integration with all the other modules in CalWin, manual work is reduced to a minimum and maximum oversight and insight is achieved at the same time.

CalWin Purchase

CalWin Purchasing is a module with strong purchasing functions. It can either be used as an independent purchasing module, in which purchases are registered manually, or in combination with CalWin Requirement Calculation, which can create purchasing suggestions in the purchasing module. The module may also be used in combination with CalWin EDI Purchase, for electronic communication with suppliers, and with CalWin Purchase Invoice.

The module simplifies the purchasing functions in the business and gives a good overview of all aspects of items ordered and received. In addition to purchasing traditional items, CalWin’s purchasing module can handle configured product like window, door, glass, fittings with specifications etc. Purchases (orders) may be sent to suppliers in different ways i.e. e-mail, by fax or by post and can immediately be followed up and monitored in CalWin. Eventually it can be sent electronically via CalWin EDI Purchase.

CalWin Purchasing may be used in conjunction with the following CalWin modules:
  • CalWin EDI Purchase
  • CalWin Purchase Invoice


  • Create manually registered purchases
  • Register confirmation from supplier
  • For purchases created for fulfilling a sales order, the status and reference is available from the sales order
  • Immediate follow up and overview of all purchases and items received
  • Printouts of orders and purchasing summaries
  • Record items received
  • Supports any currency

CalWin Requirement Calculation

This module enables automatic calculation of the requirements for raw materials, semi-finished items and finished products.

Timely ordering of required items is assured using CalWin Requirement Calculation, and production goes as planned, because the necessary raw materials and other merchandises are always in place when required. Because it is CalWin that monitors the Requirement for items, purchases may be limited to those items that will be used within a short time. So the stock balance is optimized, which in turn means reduced storage space and less tied-up capital.

When CalWin Requirement Calculation is used in combination with the stock and purchasing modules, a complete stock and purchasing, function is achieved that ensures good oversight and minimal and cost effective stocks. A prerequisite for using CalWin Requirement Calculation is that CalWin Stock Management is installed.

Can be used together with:
  • CalWin semi-finished items
  • CalWin purchasing
  • CalWin/-EDI purchasing
  • CalWin purchasing invoice


  • Creates suggestions for purchases of raw materials based on minimum/maximum stock level
  • Creates suggestions for stock orders of finished items and semi-finished items on minimum/maximum stock level
  • Creates suggestions for purchases of items not usually stocked
  • Create suggestions for purchases of items with variant. That is items that is not stocked, and is dependent of the nature or measure of the component it derives from. For example size and form of glass or length of fittings like espagnolette
  • Suggestions can be altered and/or rejected manually

CalWin Stock Management

CalWin Stock Management records all movements to and from stock, and in addition to quantities in stock for every item, it also tracks live information about quantities on order and in production or purchase. All this on an unlimited number of stock locations.
CalWin Stock Management includes a very easy to use, but advanced stocktaking facility. It has support for an unlimited number of stocktaking areas. So you can stock take the same item at several areas.
In addition to handling normal items (raw materials), this module opens for stock holding of constructed products—windows and doors. Therefore, when an operator enters a product that match a defined stocked product, he will be notified and given the option to either pick it from the stock or produce it.

CalWin Stock may be used in conjunction with the following related CalWin modules:
  • CalWin Semi-finished Items
  • CalWin Requirement Calculation
  • CalWin Purchasing


  • Unlimited number of stock locations
  • Stocktaking
  • Maintain stock levels for raw materials and products (windows and doors). Counters for:
    • Quantity in stock
    • Quantity in order (outbound—sales order)
    • Quantity on order (inbound—purchase)
    • Quantity in production (inbound—stock order)
    • Quantity available (free)

All modules involved in either inbound or outbound item flow will create appropriate stock transactions and maintain levels.


  • Good overview of the inventory
  • Minimum inventory, less need for warehouse space
  • Reduced inventory costs

CalWin Consignment Note

CalWin Consignment Note simplifies and automates paper-based shipment routines and makes them more efficient.

Current data in connection with shipment are transferred direct from CalWin to the carrier. If printed consignment notes are wanted, these can be produced automatically. Consequently, all manual work is avoided, the process is quick and the risk of error is eliminated.


  • The customer receives direct notice of shipment by email can keep himself updated on transport and arrival time by accessing the tracking information.Automatic creation of consignment notes as part of the delivery routine
    Create consignment notes that are not linked to shipping (only linked to orders)
  • Print out labels, consignment notes and collection lists
  • Obtain acknowledgements from carriers
  • Transfer consignment notes to carriers electronically
  • Send notices of shipment to customers by email


  • Freight data is transferred automatically to the carrier, saving manual work and eliminating errors
  • Consignment notes are printed out automatically, saving workers’ time
  • Better service for customers – they get messages and tracking information by email
  • Delivery data from the orders in CalWin is always current. No need to re-enter customer and address information.

CalWin Semi Finished Items

The module provides an overview of semi-finished items in stock, thus providing the basis for purchasing or producing such items. This contributes to optimized production of finished items and to shorter delivery times. Used in combination with the CalWin Stock Management module it provides a complete view of the entire stock balance, what has been reserved for orders in hand, what has been ordered, when the items will arrive in stock and how many semi-finished items are in stock or in production.

CalWin Semi-Finished Items is very flexible and its setup and use may be adapted to meet varying demands and wishes.

Use of CalWin Semi-Finished Items requires that the following module(s) be installed and in use:
  • CalWin stock management


  • Managing the stock of components
  • Handling the surface treatment of components
  • Handling various degrees of processing
  • Automatically use semi-stock items when available
  • Possible to manual override the use of semi-stock items on a per item line level.


  • Quicker production of finished items
  • Shorter delivery time
  • Overview of stock balances of all types
  • Increased profitability

CalWin Purchase Invoice

CalWin Purchase Invoice contains the functions for receiving and checking incoming invoices that apply to purchases that have been generated or recorded in CalWin. We also find here the routines for allocating accounting references and transferring invoice information to an external accounting system.

The functions in the module contribute to more secure checking of invoices against items received as well as providing a good facility for re-use of the information later on. The accounting work is carried out in the Purchase Invoice module, with consequent rapid updating of postings and the amounts of transactions in the financial system afterwards.

CalWin Purchase Invoice requires CalWin Purchasing to be installed.


  • Record incoming invoices
  • Check against items received
  • Post accounting entries
  • Transfer to the accounting system