Zendesk User Guide

CalWin AS has taken in use the web solution Zendesk to follow up all types of small and larger CalWin issues for our customers. You can submit issues to Zendesk by yourself sending an email to support@calwin.zendesk.com as shown below.

An issue can be of different character, so it is important that you describe it as accurately as possible. The subject field in the email will also be the subject field in Zendesk.

If your email address is anton@trevinduet.no the issue will automatically be linked to the customer ‘Trevinduet’ in Zendesk, and assigned to ‘Trevinduets’ CalWin consultant.

The email address anton@trevinduet.no will also be created as an ‘end user’ in Zendesk, and receive copies of everything that is made of changes or comments on the issue.

‘Anton’ responds to the email in the usual way without thinking that it comes from Zendesk.

A case is open in Zendesk until it is closed by a CalWin consultant. If the case is still not finished because the change that was to be made did not work as intended, then you can open the case again by writing a new comment in the email.


Anton can also log in to www.zendesk.com with his username anton@trevinduet.no, and get an overview of all issues to his company ‘Trevinduet’.

  • address https://calwin.zendesk.com/hc/no
  • Log in
  • Register, to create new user
  • Choose “Mine aktiviteter”
  • Get an overview of issues that have been registered
  • If you want a new inquiry, you can choose to register this here, or send an email to support@calwin.zendesk.com