Summary of the CalWin conference 2014

30 CalWin users had again found its way to Ålesund to attend CalWin Conference 2014. It has become a tradition that CalWin invites its customers to some informative days in Ålesund . The aim of this arrangement is that we shall try to inspire and motivate our customers to leverage CalWin in an even more efficient way. It will also help us to look forward , as we continue to develop solutions that our customers need , and that will simplify and streamline our customers’ daily rutines.

An important further aspect of CalWin Conference is of course that our customers have the opportunity to discuss CalWin issues with other CalWin users.

This year like most other years were the CalWin Conference held in Ålesund . We have the impression that our customers appreciate that we stay on beautiful Sunnmøre .


CalWin WEB , Exchange Integration , Mobile

The first man out was Sindre Barstad , Head of our development . He presented new developments and improvements in CalWin WEB . One of the main new thing was that CalWin soon also will be on Android devices .

Several of our customers have adopted CalWin WEB and benefits have been proven fast forward . As the window dealers do their offering with the use of CalWin WEB directly in  CalWin, our customers achieve significant time savings. In addition, it creates window dealers which are closer to its end customers , with additional sales as a result .


Tips & Tricks

Our “Tips & Tricks ” sessions have become a popular recurring session on our CalWin Conference. Increasingly , new features are developed in CalWin , so the need for an update on this new features are received with great interest.

The day ended with dinner , where everyone had plenty of opportunities to discuss the challenges and opportunities that exist in working with CalWin.

And what is already clear, is that we can welcome you to the CalWin Conference 2016!