Partner in UK

From 1 January 2013 we initiated a partnership with Logical Bridge Ltd. a Newcastle-based company that will represent CalWin AS in Britain and Ireland. This involves marketing and selling CalWin on the UK market, in addition to that offered consulting services for CalWin, ranging from needs analysis, implementation and general consulting, training of personnel. The company is headed by Simon Mallinson, who some will remember we interviewed in a previous newsletter. Simon was then CIO Allan Brothers, and has a few years to work on implementation, commissioning and operation of CalWin there.

When he chose to establish their own company to run their own IT business, he took thankfully contact with us. He had through his work with CalWin and huge interest for opportunities and solutions in the system and wanted to primarily use the knowledge they acquired to work to get CalWin selected as industry solution for most British manufacturers.

Simon will continue to work for Allan Brothers when it comes to direct CalWin-based tasks.

CalWin AS is very pleased to continue working with Simon. This will gradually enrich the whole CalWin environment, and Simon’s expertise will also be used in the further development of CalWin both as a company and solution, for the good of everyone today and in the future that will use CalWin as their most important operational tool.

We wish Simon and Logical Bridge luck in your business, and look forward to many years of constructive and good cooperation further to strengthen CalWin as the strongest and most unique industry solution.